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I like clingy. I like when someone purposely grabs my hand to show other people I’m theirs. I like that when something exciting happens during the day, I’m the first person you want to tell. I like coming back to an “I miss you” text message when I’m in class or taking a nap. I like that random call at one in the morning just because you wanted to hear my voice. I little gestures that show I’m important, and you enjoy having me in your life.

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I love people who are open-minded. People who just vibe with whatever you talk about. You can talk about anything and everything.

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The people who are meant to be in your life will always gravitate back towards you, no matter how far they wander.


"oh my love, if I could just find you tonight…”

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I’m so detached and distant and cold at times, but I swear if you spark my interest, I can become so clingy and you’ll become so important to me and I will put so much of my time and effort towards you.

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Electrical Storm || U2 

On rainy days we’d go swimming out
On rainy days swimming in the sound
On rainy days we’d go swimming out

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Don’t kiss me if you’re afraid of thunder. My life is a storm.
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